Monday, June 24, 2013

Faith healer


We shall weed out poetry with justice
We shall weed out justice with news
We shall deliver
We shall fry our livers

Declarations and prayers:

all hail the flying spaghetti monster.
i am mad, so is my head
either you are crazy or i must be god.

demon demon demon
what did you with all the semen?
seldom serendipity suffered you
not until she buffered you
on her ice stream.

intelligent design
you may prosper
but i will still whisper
my lord's name,
the flying spaghetti god-head.

o my country
you are filled with horrors
of nationalism
why don't we lose our virgin teeth
and start eating landmass
like what we did to the pages of Malthusian recipe book?

o terror of space
tyrant of lace
my mind is opium
vast and empty
silver and chromium shell,
product of confused metallurgy

all hail the status message
and the ceremonial passage of time
as if it ended in few words
like "hey ram"
after he mistakenly shot my jilted lover
at a video game contest
with a laser gun.

7. Enough is Giraffe
Enough is Steffi Graf
Enough is Telegraph
Enough is not Enough.