Friday, February 06, 2009


a friend of mine tagged me for this little game:

The rules:
1. pick the 6th picture from your 6th photos folder
2. tell the story around it.
3. pass it on to 6 people

it is indeed a weird coincidence that the sixth picture of my sixth photos folder happens to be, ladies ... hold your breaths ... Lord Ganesha.
this is september 2007, ganesh chaturthi. people in Baroda going mad over the designs of Ganesha. this one's designed like how Odissi craftsmen portray Jagannath. I was a little apprenhensive about taking pictures about these idols. Infact, I am scared of idols as I am an agnostic. Such a blatant assertion of reverence towards a mythical being sometimes make me a little worried about the representations of anti-christ in the Bible. If i dissolve the religiousity of these idols and take them as mere works of art, then i am slightly comfortable. the sixth folder is full of ganesha's pix in my computer, some collected and some i captured while visiting various mandaps in Vadodara. i was disturbed because a week before i got this pictures mobs clashed in the city in the name of this god so that they get their share of 'blessings' . one person was killed in police firing -- all in the name of this idol.