Saturday, April 15, 2006

seeking saturation

So finally I am back in this planet.
Like all others, I have started blogging. Before, I start narrating my experiences of Mars and Venus, I would like to say that saturation itself is a unsaturated term. One cannot but attribute so many meanings to this word, that finally it leaves a lot of people unsaturated and dry. Its like saying most of the water in my body would evaporate when I die. I have been playing with words for so long because they are made to play around with. This makes me feel that there is absolutely no need for a language. Even, the whole act of telling one that language is useless wouldn't save it from dying. Very soon, the pictures of your phone would relate the whole incident. The way a person reacts to a situation will be taken as a ultimate evidence. The act will be considered more then a verbal testimony of the act because there will be tools to convert this act to some form of visuals. What will happen when minds would be traced and the mystery around us would be revealed. Our thought patterns would only speak for us. There would be no language. People, who are graphically more imaginative would prosper but those who think about words to memorise a situation would sit back and curse the scientists. I guess this will be only way to do away with words like saturation.

I empathise with the efforts of linguists to rediscover the language by questioning the logical validity of some terms we use commonly use. But this just means that they are making the logic behind a language much more inaccesible. Language is dying and it is very unfortunate for us, humans. The only beings who can possibly rescue language would be poets, bards and shamans. Therefore, the only way to rescue language would be creating new metaphors, so that the mind can visualise. However, when I dream, I would only see visuals and hear nothing (not even a song, like the way it happens in a hindi movie!!). The next morning I would be at a loss for words when I have to relate it to someone. With language, there is this possibility of someone misunderstanding you.